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The Functions Of Safety Shoes

Dec, 06, 2021

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Safety shoes come with lots of functions, which depend upon the industry they are being used. Here are the functions of them (including safety shoes for women and men) that we list.


They are non-slip

There are many reasons for workplace injuries or accidents, and slips or falls are a common situation. Therefore, your shoes need to be anti-skid to protect you from slipping or falling. When working with lubricants or water it is necessary to have anti-skid safety shoes for women.


Prevent from falling objects
Safety shoes play a major role in the heavy metal manufacturing and construction industry since they are prone to hazards all the time. These dynamic industries allow people and objects to move all around. There could be an object rolling on the floor or something might suddenly drop on your feet. When working in these industries, steel-toed safety boots are the best option. It can protect the feet from any broken bones or serious injuries.

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Protect from electric shocks
It is necessary for a person working as an electrician or in an electrical company to wear safety boots to prevent electrical hazards. Shocks can be due to the accumulation of static current when working on a live wire with current flowing through it. Safety shoes for such professionals are made from non-conductive materials such as leather, rubber, etc. In areas of static current, anti-static materials are used to reduce the accumulation of static current on the body and prevent electric sparks.


Protect feet from chemicals
Protecting the feet from chemicals is another important feature of a safety shoe. When working in a chemical or cement industry with a lot of chemicals spilling all over the floor a worker cannot risk wearing simple shoes. Such safety shoes need to have a pure rubber thick sole. There could be washing chemicals spread everywhere or battery construction companies where chemicals can fall down on foot while filling a battery. The chemical industry can contaminate your feet or result in burns at any time, so make sure to wear safety shoes when working in such an environment.


Keep warm in a cold environment
Safety shoes protect your feet in cold weather. To work smoothly during extreme weather conditions one needs to have extra protection for foot against frostbite and other injuries when working in the refrigerated or wet workplace. When working in a cold environment, you must ensure that your feet are warm to maintain body temperature.


Relieve fatigue
In addition to protection, safety shoes also provide comfort and won’t let you feel tired. If you are working at a construction site or need to stand for hours on concrete surfaces, your feet, back, and gradually body muscles will grow tired. It will be terrible if you are not wearing comfortable shoes. Safety shoes have a cushioning inner sole that minimizes any strain on your feet caused by standing for hours. This will help you increase the efficiency of your work.


Protect from cuts
If you use moving mechanical parts or sharp objects, you must wear safety shoes. The cut-resistant material will not let the sharp object get in touch with your foot and damage it. The hard outer body and the steel toe work as a shield for the foot.


Choose a pair of safety shoes for yourself
No matter what kind of work requires safety shoes, to protect your safety, browse Kameymall and choose the most suitable shoes for work.

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