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How Do I Check That My Wig Has Been Ethically Sourced?

Apr, 16, 2022

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The wig and hair transplant industry is notoriously difficult to regulate, with companies using the guise of "religious donations" of hair at shaving ceremonies in India, where women are willing to donate their hair to temples in exchange for blessings. The temple then sells the hair for a huge return.  While the hair is indeed donated, it doesn't account for the vast amount of human hair sold in the Western world, so a sharper eye is needed when choosing wigs.   

How do I wear it?  

Hairstylist Adam Reed is no stranger to the world of human hair wigs, having worked backstage and with his celebrity clients for years.  In the lead-up to opening his own wig kit (more details soon!)  , he's sharing his expertise on how to really get your wig (and keep it!)  "The idea is to get your natural hair as close to your head as possible so that the wig is flush with your head." Adam says the best way to do this is to wrap the hair around your head and fix it with lots and lots of pins to get rid of lumps and "gel spray to control and fix it," he adds.  

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Then place the wig cap on your head (" It's like a sock -- but don't try using a sock!" ). It's best to get a real wig hat." ) and put the wig on from the front. "Pull the wig down the hairline and back over your head." Hold it in place with a grip, and you're almost done. Adam said: 'I always clamp the ends tight to add a bit of movement and texture.  



Depending on the type of wig you have, you'll need to treat it accordingly. If you wear a human wig, you need to wash it just as you would your own hair, and often -- human hair is more porous and can absorb oils, smells and contamination. If it's synthetic, you'll still need to wash it, but only every 4-6 weeks. You need to use cold water and be careful not to rub or wring hard to damage the fibers.  It's also a good idea to wear a wig holder, which not only helps dry your wig properly after washing, but also helps keep it in shape. Make sure you are wearing 100 percent authentic human hair wig, we recommend you to go to Kameymall for wig selecting. There you can find perfect human hair wig at low prices, don’t miss it!

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