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Wash A Sexy Bikini Properly

Mar, 01, 2022

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When summer comes, that means you can stock your wardrobe with a variety of bikinis. However, the sand in the sunscreen, and the salt in the water can wear down your sexy bikini! To keep your bikini looking the same after removing odors and chemicals, learn the following tips and clean your bikini the right way.

Even if you don't get your bikini wet, remember to wash it immediately after putting it on.

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Hand washing


Body oils, lotions, sunscreen, chlorine and salt water can easily get into bikinis. The longer the time when these elements soak into the fabric, the more damage they can do to the bikini. Remember not to throw the bikini in the washing machine, as the washing machine can agitate the straps, fibers, fabrics and other parts harshly. So, washing it by hand is an effective and simple way to keep your clothing clean without serious damage.



Wash with natural bikini cleaner
This natural bikini cleanser is made with vinegar instead of soap. Not only is white vinegar antiviral and antibacterial, it is also a natural and effective deodorant and stain remover. Vinegar also helps keep your clothes bright and colorfast. On the other hand, soaps and detergents contain a variety of chemicals and fragrances that have been linked to endocrine dysfunction, asthma, excess or other health problems.

Get a bottle of cleaner, then fill your sink with cold water and add a quarter cup of white vinegar. Let the bikini soak for thirty minutes (remember not to mix the colors). After soaking, rinse the suit with cold water and gently squeeze out the excess vinegar and water solution with your hands. Remember not to twist the bikini to prevent stretching and fading. Last but not least, keep away from direct sunlight or dry heat.



Replace your sexy bikini
If your sexy bikini was damaged when it was washed the wrong way. Now you're planning to replace it, please come to the right place, Kameymall is a great option.

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