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Kameymall And Air Track

Jan, 01, 2022

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Welcome to Kameymall

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What are the characteristics of these air tracks that make them so popular?



About Gymnastics present to you the most recent Air Track configuration highlights. Worked to business guidelines these lightweight and effectively versatile air tracks are ideal for tumbling acrobatic, cheerleading and parkour devotees at the top of the priority list.


The introduction to air track

An air track is a punctured rail which is associated with an air blower. Compacted air is showered from the openings and structures a meager layer on the outer layer of the track. This layer occupies the space between the air track and the internal surface of a lightweight plane.

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Therefore, the development of the lightweight plane can be viewed as nearly grinding free. This mechanical assembly can be utilized to tentatively concentrate on significant ideas in kinematics like speed, speed increase, force, impacts, and active energy. It is an optimal showing help for material science. In this test, we give understudies a chance to investigate a portion of these thoughts through tests that they can devise all alone.

Air track provides responsive skip to gymnastic training just as a stable, yet cushioned and grippe flooring for Pilates and yoga.


Air track is your ideal option
The air track is your will be your perfect choice when you want to practice higher level jumping, flipping and other skills,. Nothing gives security and assurance and also comfort like the this mat does.

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