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Get Some Knowledge Of Anti-High-Temperature Safety Shoes

Apr, 13, 2022

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Waterproof prevent skid prevent sweat labor protection shoes have these functional principles and the advantages of such labor protection shoes. And in some iron and steel manufacturing, metallurgy and forging industry, high temperature labor protection shoes are essential. But we know how labor protection shoes are resistant to high temperature, by what? Next we are going to give you a detailed introduction. How can safety shoes withstand high temperature?  

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How do high-temperature safety shoes work?  

High temperature protection safety shoes for women are a kind of protection of toes from injury when working under the effect of high temperature. Many workers in the high temperature working environment, a little attention is likely to cause injury to their feet, scalds and so on.  Special shoes made of special high temperature resistant materials can not only ensure the safety of workers' footsteps, but also ensure the efficiency of workers.  


When it comes to the material of high temperature resistance, it is the most important and basic part of high temperature labor protection shoes.  Vamp material is made of oil-soaked leather or flame-retardant canvas vamp, heat-resistant outsole insole and heat-resistant insole.  Such shoes besides the type that chooses appropriate according to working environment, still should wear rise to make the person feels comfortable, staff member should choose the shoe number that suits him carefully.  

Non-slip design is also important  

High temperature protection shoes should be designed to prevent slipping, because there are not only workers' feet injured when operating, but also accidents caused by slipping operators sometimes.  In these dangerous high temperature working environment, in contact with chemicals, molten metal, high temperature and low temperature surface operation, according to industry norms and work requirements, we must wear such high temperature safety shoes. If you have further information, you can contact Kameymall or visit our website to shop.  

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