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What Should You Look Out For When Buying An Air Track Mat?

Apr, 25, 2022

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You can easily find various kinds of air tracks online onsale. Using high quality PVC material, jumping safe and comfortable. However, its length can vary from 1 to 8 meters. The width is between one and two meters. Therefore, if you measure your available space in advance, then you can be sure that the cushion in your mind will fit you.

Air track mat default index

It would be a shame if the mat you ordered didn't fit where you wanted it! The height of the air track mat is about 10 cm to 30 cm. Note that the height of the runway pad affects the performance of the jump. This means: The higher the mat, the higher the jump. The mat is made of plastic, PVC and tarpaulin. Air tracks are of waterproof materials that are also used for truck tarpaulins. You can choose from a variety of cheerful colors, including blue, green, purple, dark blue, pink and glitter. You can also opt for multicolored cushions, such as pink ones with grey edges. Another option is to extend several cushions into one long cushion. You can do this with connectors.

Track mat for athletes
AirTracks can be a complement to any sport. Think of gymnastics, free running and martial arts, to name a few. The mat will allow users to take their skills to a new level. The material protects joints by inhibiting jumping. The mat can be used in the gym, in the garden or even at home if there is room. It can also be very useful for meetings with physical therapists.

Air tracks for children’s utilization
It’s no doubt that air tracks are used for athletes. However, it has also become a popular children's game product. When kids see an AirTrack mat, they naturally want to use it right away. Kid are fond of keeping jumping and playing other sports. But if they fall, they certainly shouldn't hurt themselves. That's why this mat is ideal; A child can expend his energy and play safely. If you want to buy some good air track mats, please visit Kameymall for nice ones.

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