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better gymnastics air track for parents

Pick Some Amazing Air Track Mat-Part3

Jun, 13, 2022

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How to distinguish between good and bad gymnastics mats.

Take a PVC gymnastics mat first do not open it, smell the top of the mat with your nose. If there is a strange smell, it is likely that the quality is not good. A Gymnastics mat is also called an air track mat.

Use your thumb and forefinger to squeeze the mat to see how it resists pressure and bounces back.

Rub the mat with to see if the material breaks easily to check its quality.

In addition, the domestic production of gymnastics mat length and width size is basically 173cmx61cm, if you are a tall person, this size is not enough for you. you need a longer one.

Airtrack Factory Mat


The thickness of the gymnastics mat on the market varies. Choosing the right thickness is important for doing sports. Thin gymnastics mats are good for movement stability, but poor protection, lying on top of the chin panic; thick gymnastics mats good protection, but not conducive to stability and power, so to choose the right gymnastics mats, first you have to be clear about what level you are at, and for what purpose to start gymnastics For example, like me, although I have done gymnastics training, did not get professional guidance, usually still in the beginning, you can choose the entry-level can be, generally recommended 6-8mm can be.



Many people think that the gymnastics mat is not positive or negative, you can just use, in fact, is generally the smooth side towards the ground, grainy towards the top, so that the exercise will increase friction, to do the action is better.
Generally, two sides of the gymnastics mat are not the same, one side is completely smooth and flat, the other side is undulating uneven, and stripes, when using the gymnastics mat smooth and flat side is attached to the ground towards the bottom, the other side has undulations and stripes towards the top, that is, our feet stepped on the side. Not smooth side up is actually for many reasons, such as the role of anti-slip, but also to help the role of training.



You can go to Kameymall to buy some mats!

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