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Durable Air Tracks for Gymnastics

Dec, 24, 2021

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Air track is very suitable for home use, cheerleading, yoga and gymnastics training, etc. They are durable since they are made of advanced materials. Especially for gymnasts, durable air tracks play an important role in improving their gymnastics levels.

Then why are these air tracks durable and can be used for a long time?

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The material of the air tracks

They are made of PVC, a kind of chemical vinyl polymer that has been widely used in the leisure and construction industries. In the inflatable boat and paddleboard industry, it is used as a coating on polyester or nylon to increase strength and tear resistance. Because it is a type of plastic, it can be thermobonded or glued. This material is durable, non-irritating, safe, and environmentally friendly, so it can be made into a double-sided coated waterproof, airtight, and odorless air track.


Can be placed on multiple surfaces

The surface on which these mats can be placed usually depends on their material. Extra protection is necessary when you want to install it outdoors.

A high-quality air track can be set up on grass, concrete, sand, and even water. It can work on almost any surface that has enough space. Some of these surfaces may require simple treatment to make sure that your air track is not damaged while in use. Even if these mats are durable, they are not indestructible!


Some warranties or customer service supports are included with the product. For instance, you have two mats at similar prices, but one offers a two-year warranty and the other doesn’t. The mat with the warranty looks a little better in the long term.


The importance of air track
A durable air track is of great importance for your sports skills and it will last a long time. Welcome to Kameymall, there are various types of these mats, which come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Hope you get an excellent result.

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