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A Shoe for Every Work Occasion: Work Footwear You Need (Chapter 2)

Dec, 29, 2021

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The following are some of the most common potential hazards that require foot PPE. See which shoes are made with these dangers in mind. You can also use Kameymall's Safety Shoes Selection Guide to help determine the shoes that suit your work needs.


Electrical hazards

Electrical hazard boots are essential PPE for anyone working in the electric field. This may be an electrician or someone who works around electrical circuits or high-voltage machinery. This shoe is made with a non-conductive, shock-proof sole and heel. These types of shoes prevent workers from completing the circuit; this can reduce the chance of electric shock.


If you work around explosives or other highly reactive or flammable substances, you may need conductive shoes. Conductive work shoes help prevent static electricity from accumulating on workers. Without this precaution, the buildup of static electricity on your body can easily produce sparks, which may cause fire or explosion. Silk, wool, and nylon socks are not suitable for wearing in this type of work environment because these materials are also more likely to generate static electricity.


Working with chainsaws, or any other rotating blade makes protective shoes absolutely necessary. Anti-cut chainsaw boots (and other anti-cut clothing) can prevent serious injuries in the face of chainsaw accidents. They are made of specific materials to form a protective barrier to the rotating blades.


Falling objects
If you are at risk of falling objects, you will definitely want safety toe boots. These boots have a cover in the toe area for protection. These toe caps are traditionally made of steel and therefore are steel toe boots. However, they can now also be used in composite materials.


The next chapter will continue to talk about more shoes for the different working environments, including safety shoes for women and men.

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