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Set Up Your Air Track And Practice Tricks

Dec, 18, 2021

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How to set up your mat

When you unfold your air track you will see a spring-loaded valve on the side, it pushes in and out. The “out” position holds the air inside the mat and the “in” position lets air out for easy deflation. When inflating, you need to make sure the valve is in the out position and then grab your air pump. You will screw in the gray tipped nozzle and either pump with your foot or turn on the blower. The pump has two sides, one for blowing air in and one for blowing air out, you just have to place the nozzle on the side you need. In order to deflate easily, press the button in and either let the air out or switch sides on the blower.

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Begin to practice your tricks
Push-ups: lie on your back, keep your legs straight and close, lift your hands flat, use your abdominal muscles to close, shake your arms forward, quickly form a sitting position, bend your upper body again, touch your feet with your hands and lower your head, then change to a supine position. Continues to do these steps.

Prone upright: lie on the side cushion, keep your legs straight and close, insert your arms into your waist or support your head with both hands, let your partner press your feet, and bend your upper body back as much as possible to make the breast leave the cushion, then recover and continue training.

Rollover: key points of posture, lift both arms horizontally, tilt the upper body slightly to the right, lift the left foot to the side, stop dropping the right leg, then quickly fall to the left, bend the left leg to the ground, swing the left leg up to the right, and step on the ground with the left foot, and then support the ground with the left hand and right hand successively.


Buy an air track
Of course, you can use the air track for other skills you want to do. Kameymall provides a lot of kinds of these mats that come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Browse through our mall and choose anything you like.

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