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Fitness Equipment Recommendation (Chapter 2)

Jan, 05, 2022

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In the previous article, Kameymall introduced some sports equipment, including air track. Similarly, this article introduces some useful equipment for you.

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Push-up stand

It is made of iron pipe or wood. It can be used for push-ups with bare hands and waist weight. There is also an elevated push-up frame, which is composed of an iron pipe as a support and a support plate for placing feet. During training, the neck and waist can carry weight for practice, which increases the difficulty of practice and improves the training effect. Push-up exercise has a significant effect on the developed pectoralis major muscle group.

Flat bench
The bench press is a special instrument for training pectoralis majors. It has three kinds: flat-lying, sitting reclining, and vertical reclining. They are all composed of steel pipe welded supports and plate surfaces. The recumbent push frame is used to develop the muscle groups on both sides of the pectoralis major muscle, and the sitting and vertical push frames are used to develop the upper and lower muscle groups of the pectoralis major muscle.

Squat frame
There are two kinds: Iron and wood. The wooden squat frame is composed of a leg frame and frame surface, which is shaped like a four-legged high stool. The height is generally 1m, of which the leg frame is 90cm high and the frame surface is 10cm thick. It is concave, which is convenient to place the barbell stably. The shelf surface is generally 440cm long and 30cm wide. The iron squatting frame is composed of an iron base and a steel pipe with adjustable height. The iron base is circular with a diameter of 35cm. The height of the whole squatting frame is 1.6m. Several round holes for adjusting the height can be drilled in the middle, with a general spacing of 10cm. The squat frame is a special instrument for squatting with barbell and developed leg muscles.

Movable inclined plate
The movable inclined plate is a special instrument for training lumbar and abdominal muscles. It is composed of steel pipe and wood board with adjustable height. A-frame with a length of about 2m and a width of about 65cm is welded with a pipe with a diameter of 3.4cm. An inclined plane can be formed by installing a wooden board and placed on support with adjustable height. It is best to use a sponge pad on the inclined plate surface.
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