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Use An Air Track Mat To Practice And Play

Dec, 11, 2021

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Air track mat is a kind of inflatable mat that differ from the trampoline, it works as a bouncy floor and you can use it for gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, tricking, and in all kind of jumps and flips. When you are training on this mat, it will offer support and cushioning to help you land softly and avoid severe hurt.


Tricks of air track mats

With an air track mat, you can securely train jumps and flips without being worried about landing too hard. It provides the bounce, which gives more air and power to your jumps. You can adjust the bounciness of the mat by changing the pressure. With maximum pressure the air track mat can feel hard, if you lower the pressure, it will be more flexible and softer. You can find the proper pressure by adjusting a different kinds of pressure levels.

The air track mat can also soften the landing to keep you safe if you don’t play tricks as planned. Be aware that this mat is not designed to be a landing mat so please don't try jumping from high places onto it.
Some other common tricks
Back handsprings
Back handsprings are cool learning skills. However, it is dangerous if you don’t have the skill mastered on solid ground. So, be sure to consult a professional before doing so and get ready to relearn this trick you have already mastered.

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If you think a game of back tuck “Stick-It” is tough on the spring floor, just wait until you try to take it to the pool. Under normal circumstances using an inflatable air track for gymnastics offers the bounce, explosion, and height – changing our mats into water gymnastics mats means that all energy will be absorbed directly into the swimming pool.


Buy an air track mat for your training
If you are looking for a good-quality air track mat for doing all kinds of tricks, then you have come to the right place. Kameymall provides a lot of kinds of these mats,
Hope you will have a nice shopping time here!

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