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Air Track Mat For Various Sports

Mar, 10, 2022

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An air track mat is inflatable mat of which the shape is like a long, narrow rectangle. These mats offer a springy surface that’s more versatile than other mats for tumbling or trampolines. With them you can practice any difficult skill, such as pushups, prone jerk, and lateral handspring.


Exercise to do on the air track mat

Push-ups: lie flat on your back, legs straight and closed, hands flat, use your abdominal muscles to gather, sway your arms forward, quickly into a seated position, flex your upper body again, touch your hands to your feet and lower your head; then turn into a flat position again. Continue in this manner.
Prone jerk: lie on the mat on your side, legs straight and closed, both arms in the waist or behind the head with both hands, with the partner pressing the feet, upper body flexed back as far as possible so that the breasts leave the mat, then recover and keep training.
Lateral handspring: the main points of the posture (to the right hand flip as an example): two arms lateral planks, upper body slightly to the right, left foot lateral lift Hugh heavy fall right leg, and then quickly to the left side of the inverted body, the left leg landing type bending knee, the left leg to the right side up swing, another left foot on the ground, and then the left hand and right hand successively support the ground, by splitting the leg upside down the whole process, hands take the opportunity to successively push off the mat, two feet have touched the ground (six points as far as possible into a parallel line), into a side stand The left hand and right hand are then pushed off the mat one after the other.


Where to buy an air track mat
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