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Safety Shoes And Safety Issues

Nov, 24, 2021

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Walking and standing for a long time all day will put a lot of pressure on worker’s feet. For example, a worker’s heel lands on the ground with a great force of one- to two times their body weight. The pressure of standing and walking for a whole day on the body is equivalent to the weight of a big truck. Cumulative effects will cause microscopic trauma and joint compression, even bring huge trauma to the feet.

If workers stand for more than 4 hours a day, the following suggestions can help them reduce the risk of strain and injury:
Allow the workers who stand for a longer time to have a rest and move around to relieve fatigue and soreness of legs.

laboratory safety shoes

What to note on safety level

Workers can try to stand on one foot in front of the other. This allows them to alternate between resting one foot and supporting the other. They improve the comfort level in this way when they are standing for a long time.

Adjusting the height of the work surface depends on different heights. So that workers can stand or sit down when they want to adjust their posture.

Please make sure that workers wear well-fitting work safety shoes for women with high-quality midsole cushioning. This helps reduce the pressure on the feet from the ground.

Encourage workers to wear suitable insoles that offer workers’ feet important arch support and effective shock absorption.

If you want to know more information about the symptoms and treatment of foot pain and strain, you can go to the orthopedic hospital to consult an expert.



Kameymall try our best to help workers get the most suitable and comfortable safety shoes and safety boots. Any potential danger may cause great harm to their health and safety. Possessing a pair of fit safety shoes is very important to you if you engage in load works such as metal manufacturing, energy, minerals, or railway transportation and so on. Nobody can avoid injury, but safety shoes can protect your security at work. In addition, some device such as safety clothing and safety helmets are also necessities for workers.

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