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Swimsuit Washing And Maintenance

Dec, 29, 2021

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In this article, Kameymall introduces some swimsuit washing and maintenance information to you.

Swimsuit washing knowledge:

Cleaning of most swimsuits: hand-washed in cold water (no more than 30 ℃ warm water) and air dry. Never use soap, washing powder, or other cleaning agents. Because most detergents contain bleaching and fluorescent ingredients. If used, it will damage the color and elasticity of the swimsuit.

Bathing suit maintenance:
Swimsuit, like fashion, needs careful care to prolong its wearing life.
First of all, the indispensable and correct knowledge of taking care of children:
Salt in seawater. Chemicals and oils can damage the elasticity of swimsuits. When using sunscreen, you should wear a bathing suit and then apply sunscreen. Before entering the water, wet your bathing suit with clean water to reduce the damage. After swimming, flush your body and then take off your bathing suit. To avoid heat fading or odor.
Remember not to put a wet swimsuit, and sexy bikini in the bag for a long time. Wash and knead with clean water quickly, then dry with a towel and air dry in a shady place where the light is not direct.

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Do not use the washing machine for stirring, dehydration, or sun exposure, and do not use the dryer. So as not to damage the material and cause deformation.
Washing powder and bleach will destroy the elasticity of swimsuits. It should be absolutely avoided.
Prevent the swimsuit from rubbing on rough rocks, which will damage the life of the swimsuit.
Note: wear a swimsuit to soak in the hot spring or three warm springs. The sulfur composition and high temperature in the hot spring are easy to destroy the elastic tissue of the swimsuit and shorten the service life of the swimsuit.

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