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What Key Factors To Consider About Air Tracks? (Part 2)

Aug, 17, 2022

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In the last article, we have already covered how to choose the right size of air track. we need to take into account three factors such as your budget, the space you can fit the mat and what you intend to do on the air track. Today, we will continue to share with you about the materials and prices of the air track mat, which I believe are also major factors of concern to you.


Before we get into that, let me marvel at the practicality of the air tumble track. As you can see from the pictures, you can not only practice yoga, gymnastics, dance, kickboxing etc. indoors, but you can also take the air track outside, travel, take photos, do water sports etc. It is really great.


air track

What are the main materials used in the air tumble track?


These mats are designed to protect the body during complex aerial movements, which means that the material has to be of high quality. So let's take a look at the materials used for the various parts of an inflatable gymnastics mat


PVC plastic/canvas: Durable and strong PVC is often used as the outer cover for these mats. The top end of the mat may have a softer coating to protect the skin from scratches and abrasions.


Double wall or floor stitching: The double wall or floor stitching technique has been around for decades. This technique involves thousands of polyester threads that join two woven pieces of polyester together. These threads allow the mat to be filled to a high pressure, yet maintain a flat surface. Without these threads holding the polyester in place, the mat would bulge under the necessary air pressure.


Track tape: Track tape, usually made of PVC, is wrapped around the outer edge of the mat to hold the area around the joints and valves in place.



How much does an air tumble track cost?


Inexpensive: Small, square inflatable mats start at around US$100. These mats are constructed in the same way as the larger models, but lack handles and directional markings as they are usually unnecessary.


Mid-range: Longer mats range from 5 to 10 feet and cost between $100 and $350. These mats have carry handles, directional lines and Velcro strips for splicing.


Expensive: Once you reach 13 feet, there is a small change in the quality and functionality of the mat. Overall, longer mats cost more. The longest mats, around 39 feet, can cost well over $1000.





So, having understood the three main factors to consider when buying the air tumble track, are you more confident in picking a more reliable air tumble track for yourself? In fact, if the shop you are looking for is reliable, the quality of the air tumble track you find will naturally be high. I know of one such reliable shop, Kameymall.


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