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Home news Product Tips What Are Air Tracks Used For? (Part 1)
3m air track mat at home

What Are Air Tracks Used For? (Part 1)

Jul, 07, 2022

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If you were given a gymnastic mat at home, what would you do with it? The first reaction of many people is that it's not practical. How can you have a gymnastics mat in your home for a long time when space is relatively small and every place is precious? I would like to tell you that it is perfectly possible. If you choose an air track mat, then it becomes entirely possible.

air track

What is the air track mat?

The air track mat we just mentioned is actually an inflatable gymnastics mat. The fact that it is inflatable makes it very easy to use at home. Take a look at the picture above. In this picture there are three mats together, each with a cyan border and a grey cross section, which is divided into four equal parts by two intersecting cyan lines. This gives a youthful look to the design. If you fill it with air, this mat measures 3 metres in length, 1 metre in width and 0.1 metres in thickness, making it more suitable for the space in your home.
Best of all, this mat, when you put it all out of gas, can be folded into a small piece to be placed in some small corner of the house. It is these features that make it even more suitable as a mat for the home. So, what can you do with this mat at home? Let's have a look.

Use 1: Practising Taekwondo
If you have a small child at home, you can let him learn taekwondo at home. With the air track mat, he will never get hurt. There are many benefits for children learning Taekwondo. Firstly, it builds up the body, increases the immune system, increases cardio and strengthens the body. Secondly, it is very helpful for the child's mental health. By exercising in Taekwondo, children can release excess energy from their bodies, making them sunny, outgoing and lively. Then, long-term exercise increases the muscle mass of the organism and shapes the body, making the child taller and more energetic. Finally, the moderate increase in activity has a certain preventive effect on myopia.

Due to the word limit, this is the end of this article, but the air track mat is not the only one that can be used for this purpose. We will continue to share with you in the next article. If you want to buy the air track, I would also recommend Kameymall, as this shop is currently having a sale and you can get the air track mat for a lower price.

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