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Sharing New Skills Of Gymnastics

Apr, 24, 2022

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There are so many benefits of gymnastics. If you don't sleep well enough, then you can try gymnastics. If you are interested in learning gymnastics, you can follow our articles. In our previous articles, we have already introduced you to the nine basic gymnastics exercises. In this article, we intend to continue to introduce you to a tenth basic movement, which we hope will be of help to you. This is also the last basic movement to work on.

Before working out on the gymnastics, I suggest that you prepare yourself with an air track mat. The air track mat will protect you from any serious injuries that may be caused by contact with the hard floor.

air track mat
The tenth skill

Roll backwards over one shoulder into a single leg kneeling brace with the other leg raised backwards

Movement essentials: (via the right shoulder for example) First, start from a right angle sit, bend the body forward, fall back on the upper body, tuck and lift the leg and roll backwards. Secondly, bend the head to the left side, support the mat with the left hand on the shoulder, lift the right arm sideways and press the mat, roll backwards through the right shoulder. Third, left leg back up, right leg straight with toe first on mat then bend knee into kneeling brace, head rolled over and lifted, arms straight ahead, upper body lifted into single knee brace balance.

Protection and assistance: The protection helper kneels on the left side of the practitioner (on the side of the back leg) and holds the shoulder with one hand and the back leg with the other hand or holds the back leg with both hands and lifts it backwards and upwards.

Teaching methods: Firstly, the backward headstand exercise, to appreciate the direction of the backward headstand and the movement of the two hands on the mat. Secondly. One-legged kneeling push-ups with the left back leg.



If you want to learn gymnastics, you can follow our articles. The air track mat is definitely the best choice for you. At Kameymall, you can get the most reliable air track mat at a low price.

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