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Wig Damage Worths Your Attention! Don’t Waste Your Money

Feb, 26, 2022

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In general, the life span of human hair wigs will last three to six months if you care for them properly. If you finding your wig start frizzling, spliting and fading, that might mean that you wig is being damaged. Don’t worry, you can repair it! The following methods can help make your wig look like new again.

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Ways To Do Some Repairing On Your Wigs

After washing, then you need to apply a conditioning spray to the wig. Maybe you will want to spray it depending on your favor, but remember to avoid the roots. Once you have finished with the conditioning spray, the next step is to comb out the wig. To avoid damaging wigs, a wide-tooth comb is the best choice. Comb out your wig in sections gently. We recommend you starting from the bottom and go reversely to the top. You should

It is easiest to start from the bottom and work upwards. You need to avoid pulling or tugging with the comb. Your wig will be damaged and fiber will lose if you do in this way.

You need pay attention to the ends of your wig. Hair oil is just what it needs. Oil only needs to be applied to the ends of the wig. Don’t lather it on. A little oil goes a long way. Once you finish it, put your wig on a wig stand to dry overnight. Don’t use a hairdryer on your synthetic wig. The heat from appliances like hair dryers or straighteners is unfriendly to the synthetic fibers of wigs.

The next day, if your wig still looks too dry or if the ends are too split, then you need to ask a professional wig stylist for help. They will cut your hair into a new hairstyle to liven it up. If your wig is damaged seriously, the above methods may work well. For that level of damage, try to use the steamer method. A steamer can help restore the quality of your synthetic wig.

Other Feasible Methods
There are steamers specifically made for wigs. It is not recommended that you use any steamer intended for use on clothing.

Before using a steam to heat your wig, be sure to apply a heat protection spray. A spray like this forms a protective barrier around the strands to protect it from heat damage. It’s like sunscreen for your wig. This work in the same way as sunscreen does.

Before heating your wig. Check the guidelines of your product for how much filtered water to put in the chamber. After the chamber is filled, spritz in some leave-in conditioner into the water. A leave-in conditioner that is specially formulated for synthetic hair is necessary to you.

With a few sprays, your steamer can also condition your wig. Run the steamer through the lengths of your wig to avoid the roots carefully. When you are steaming, comb your hair with a wide tooth comb to remove tangles and knots.

To protect your wig, keep your steamer at least three inches away from the hair fibers. Keep moving the steamer, never leaving it on spot for too long. Both of these precautions will prevent burning your wig.

If you have tried all the methods and your wig still returns to its original look, then it is time to replace it. Kameymall will help you choose the suitable one.


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