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Some Functions And Rules Of Safety Shoes (Part 2)

Jun, 15, 2022

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In our last article, we introduced two practical properties of safety footwear and explained how understanding the properties of safety footwear can help us to make the right choice when buying safety footwear.

Today, we intend to continue to share with you one of the practical properties of safety shoes and how to regulate the use of our safety shoes. In particular, we would like to remind women that when choosing safety shoes for women it is not just about aesthetics, but also about the performance of safety shoes and how to use them in a regulated manner.

safety shoes
Acid and alkali resistant

Suitable for electroplaters, acid washers, electrolytic workers, liquid dispensers, chemical operators, etc. Note: Acid and alkali resistant leather shoes can only be used in general low concentration acid and alkali workplaces; contact with high temperatures, sharp objects damaging the upper or leakage from the sole should be avoided; the acid and alkali liquid on the shoes should be rinsed with water after wearing and then dried, avoiding direct sunlight or drying.
With the continuous progress of China's shoe-making technology and the increasing update of global shoe materials, the varieties of safety footwear are gradually diversified and high-grade. The design and technical requirements of domestic safety footwear have been gradually brought into line with those of foreign countries, with computerised management and six categories of electrical insulation, anti-static, acid and alkali resistance, puncture resistance, toe protection and general protective footwear, with good performance in oil resistance, smash resistance, anti-static, puncture resistance, acid and alkali resistance and insulation. Our products are exported to the European Union, the United States, Australia and other countries.

Specifications for use

1. Oil-proof labour protection shoes are used in places where the ground is covered with oil or spilled oil. Waterproof labour protection shoes are used in workplaces where the ground is waterlogged or splashed with water. Cold-proof labour protection shoes are used for the protection of the feet of low-temperature workers to avoid frostbite.

2、Puncture-proof labour protection shoes are used for foot protection to prevent puncture injuries by various sharp and hard objects.

3、The main function of anti-smash labour protection shoes is to prevent falling objects from smashing the feet. The front toe of the labour protection shoes has impact resistant materials.

4、The main function of steelworking labour protection shoes is to prevent burning and stabbing, and they should be able to withstand certain static pressure and a certain temperature and not be flammable. These types of labour protection shoes are suitable for smelting, furnace front, cast iron, etc.

5, in addition to the above there are some special labour protection shoes cover matching use, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum film material labour protection shoes cover, etc.


That's all for this sharing. Of course, the performance of safety shoes is not only the three we mentioned. If you want to learn more about the performance of safety, you can come and watch the news module on Kameymall's official website. If you want to buy a reliable pair of safety shoes, I think Kameymall would also be a good choice for you.

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