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Some Different Exercise Equipment

Dec, 15, 2021

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Nowadays, science and technology are more and more developed, and the ways, types, and equipment of fitness are more and more abundant. Next, Kameymall will give you a brief introduction.

small air tracks

Various Exercises

Various unarmed exercises can be adopted, such as various unarmed aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, figure gymnastics, and various self-resistance movements. Various exercise equipment can also be used for various exercises, such as weight lifting equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells, anaerobic training equipment such as horizontal bars, parallel bars, ropes, rods, and air track mat, as well as strength training equipment such as spring pullers, pulley pulleys, rubber bands, and various special comprehensive strength training racks, as well as power bicycles, step machines, level runners Rowing equipment, and other aerobic training equipment.

There are a variety of movement modes of fitness, including a complete set of all kinds of unarmed aerobics; There are also light instrument gymnastics such as ball and stick, which are mainly used in women's bodybuilding training to lose weight, improve body shape, improve flexibility and enhance the sense of rhythm; There are also many weight lifting exercises and other movements that can develop the muscles of all parts of the body. These movements are mainly used for men and women to strengthen their physique and develop their muscles. They are also used for bodybuilding training for men and women.

In order to achieve the purpose of body-building, special training methods are needed. For example, when using barbells and other weight lifting equipment to do various actions, there are special requirements and arrangements in the weight of the equipment, the method of action, the number of groups, times, speed of movement, and so on.
In the long-term development process, fitness has formed two relatively independent sports, namely competitive aerobics and competitive aerobics.

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