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Can You Wear The Wig While Swimming

Mar, 14, 2022

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Some people who wear wigs, especially human hair wigs often will have a common question: can I wear a wig while swimming? The answer is yes, as long as you care for it carefully.

How do you need to care for when you want to go swimming in a wig

1)No swim cap, no diving

Even if your wig is extremely attached very well, the pressure of diving or jumping can rip your wig off your head, making you very embarrassed.

A swim cap on top of your wig will hold everything in place and makes sure nothing comes off while you’re swimming. Please be very careful when removing the cap to prevent it from pulling off the wig.

2) Swimming time isn’t the best time to wear your favorite wig

The water itself will not damage your wig. However, both chlorine and sea salt can dry out the wig, make the hair fiber curl and damage the wig cap.

Chlorine, when was the last time you went swimming in a pool in your wig, did you feel
your skin and hair are better? The answer is: no

Because chlorine is a harsh chemical that damages your skin and hair, including synthetic hair.

Salt Water is what makes your wig look new. It also helps your wig hair stay fresh and shiny, and allow your wig cap to keep soft.

On the other hand, salt draws moisture from objects. If your wig is soaked in salt water for a long time, the hairs will lose moisture and start to look brittle, and the wig cap will be damaged.

In conclusion: Be sure to wash your wig immediately after swimming or don’t wear your favorite wig to the swimming pool.

There is another way, buy some synthetic wigs that cost less for swimming so you won’t be as financially upset if something happens to it.

3)Good maintenance

Taking good care of your wigs can extend their lifespan. And in the summer, taking care of your wig means washing it as soon as you can after getting out of the water. Remove the harsh chemicals from your hair before your wig is damaged.

After washing your wig, spray it with a leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioning sprays seal in moisture and protect your wig from the elements and the ultraviolet rays.

Final words:
Of course, if your wig is seriously damaged after swimming, come to Kameymall and replace the old wig.

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