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How To Pick Wonderful Sexy Bikinis

Mar, 23, 2022

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Summer temperatures are hitting record highs all over the world and the sweltering heat in the form of 'steaming buns' is making people miserable. Swimming is a very popular way to cool down in the summer. Today, we're sharing tips on how to choose swimwear for all body types, so you can choose a sexy bikini for women that suits you and play in the water beautifully.

sexy bikinis

How to choose the colour of your swimming costume

Choosing a swimming costume starts with the colour. The colour of a swimming costume is very important to accentuate your body shape and form an overall tone of your skin. Black and white are suitable for all skin tones, and in comparison, black is more practical and safer, as it can properly conceal any deficiencies in the body. White swimwear, on the other hand, is very demanding on the figure. Sun-damaged brown skin should be matched with warm colours such as red, orange and a mix of colours. Fair-skinned people do best with cool colours such as blue and green as well as deep pinks in warm colours, but never use light colours such as pink, as light, grey colours make the complexion look pale and weak, lacking life and strength.


How to choose a swimming costume pattern

If you are a slim beauty, consider a swimming costume with a pattern that will visually make you look fuller. On the other hand, for those with a slighter figure, a swimming costume with a smaller pattern and a plain colour would be a better choice. A floral patterned swimming costume will give you a flamboyant and bright poolside look, and is the icing on the cake for thin girls.

Animal prints are a popular floral pattern these days. Instead of choosing a one-piece full floral style, fuller women can opt for a floral and net colour patchwork design depending on their body type, which keeps up with the trend while also having a body-contouring effect.


Get yourself the right sexy bikini

Summer is perfect for swimming. Do you like swimming? If you want to swim in summer and enjoy the coolness of being up close to the water, choose yourself a sexy bikini from Kameymall that fits you well.

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