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How Long Does A Wig Piece Last

Mar, 30, 2022

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Human hair wigs are common in life, because wigs can be divided into high-end wigs and low-end wigs. Therefore, the service life of low-end wigs is usually about 1 year due to classification, so there are problems that cannot be repaired. High-end wigs are handmade and last about three years.  Its life span is related to working environment and nursing methods.  


Can I use a curling iron for a wig piece  

It depends on the situation.  There are two main types of wigs on the market. One type is made from the cut hair of a real person, which can be ironed with a curling iron.  Another type of wig was made of artificial fiber, which could not withstand high temperatures and could not be ironed with a curling iron.  

Is wig piece not straight can you repair  

You can.  In addition to chemical fiber materials woven into the wig, other materials woven into the wig deformation is not straight can be restored. Good quality high temperature silk wig can be straightened with low temperature splint, pay attention to the splint temperature should not be too high;  Full hair wig can also be free to blow modeling, if afraid of their own bad treatment can find a professional barbershop to help deal with.  

How is wig piece made  

The equipment used to make wig pieces is called trilink, which is something similar to a sewing machine. Three heads work at the same time, sewing and sizing, sewing and gluing. The curtain comes out as long as a line and is cut off according to customer needs. The cost of wig piece is almost decided by the material money, the price of human hair is mainly different from the length of hair, the proportion of mixed hair decides the price. If you want to know more about wig pieces sales inforamtion, please visit Kameymall to fetch more information.

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