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Home news Solving Difficulties How To Take Care Of Your Leather Safety Shoes?
stylish safety shoes made of leather

How To Take Care Of Your Leather Safety Shoes?

Jul, 21, 2022

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Pictured below is a pair of smash and puncture resistant steel toe safety shoes made from pure leather. It is brown in colour and looks very stylish, in fact it is not much worse than a casual shoe in terms of appearance.


How should we care for such a good looking pair of leather safety shoes from Kameymall? I have listed out a few notes for you on this subject. The only way to get the most out of a leather safety shoe is to treat it well.



Daily care


Safety shoes should be wiped clean with leather cleaner and safety shoe polish when not in use, then put in paper or a labour shoe last to fix the safety shoe type, then put it away in a safety shoe bag and put it away in a dry place. If you find mould on your leather safety shoes, wipe them down with a soft, dry cloth and then wipe them down with a shiny stain remover for leather.

safety shoes


Leather safety shoes need a "break"


Even your favourite leather safety shoes should not be worn every day, as they need a good 'rest'. It is best to have a few pairs of safety shoes in rotation so that leather safety shoes have some rest between wears. Wearing the same pair of safety shoes every day can cause sweat to evaporate, causing bacteria and dirt to grow.



Leather safety shoes should be breathable


National people usually find a desiccant attached to the safety shoe box when they buy leather safety shoes, but in the humid summer climate, it is important to occasionally take the leather safety shoes out of the box for ventilation if they are not worn for a long period of time. If the safety shoes are stored in a cool room, they can be placed in the shoe box. Otherwise, leather safety shoes stored for a long time in the safety shoe box lack of air circulation, it is easy to grow mould.



Safety shoe lasts to prevent deformation and charcoal bags to prevent mould


When storing leather safety shoes, attention should also be paid to preventing heavy pressure from deforming them. To prevent deformation of leather safety shoes, the best results are achieved by inserting safety shoe lasts. If you don't have a safety last, you can replace it with a newspaper, which will protect your safety shoes from moisture and deformation at the same time. Small charcoal packs can be inserted into safety shoes to not only help remove moisture, but also to remove odours from the shoes.





These are all the ways I have shared to protect leather safety shoes, I hope you find them useful. Finally, please allow me to advertise. If you would like to buy these safety shoes in the picture, or any other pair, you can come to Kameymall and we have both men's safety shoes and safety shoes for women.



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