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Cosplayer's Methods To Maintain Their Wigs

Jun, 22, 2022

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Cosplay now is extremely popular among young people who love animation or games. As for an important part in cosplaying, wearing similar wig is important for almost every coser. Do you know how do they manage their hairs?

COSPLAY wigs can be worn in three ways

The first kind suits the hair quantity is little, and the hair quality is fine and soft, the hair is not particularly long circumstance. Put a medium-height human hair wigs on the net, twist it into a strand or braid, fasten it to the back of your head with a pin, and tuck it into the net. Advantages are convenient, fast and convenient. Disadvantage is only suitable for short hair, and hair less people, and inside the true hair may run.  


The second is suitable for moderate hair volume, moderate hair quality, hair slightly longer situation. One left one right respectively tie two braids, with a word clip fixed in the back of the head, wear a hair net. The advantage is that this fixed more endurance, the inner hair will not run.  The disadvantage is a little more troublesome, not braided people may need makeup niang, gay friends help.  


The third is an evolutionary version of the second. Suitable for a lot of hair, coarse and hard hair, especially long conditions. Divide your hair into four braids, upper, lower, left and right sections, also with a clip on the back of the head, wear a net. The advantage is endurance, true hair will not run, and as long as the fixed true hair, the effect will be more uniform and natural, not big head. Disadvantage is really very troublesome, their braid is not skilled words need a few minutes, can someone help is the best.  


These four approaches have two things in common  

  1. When you wear a wig, be sure to align your hairline and sideburns so that when you fasten the wig, it won't run away.  
  2. Unless you are set to hide your ears, try to expose them so that your head doesn't look too big.  Another tip is that if you have a big head and a lot of hair, you can ditch the regular hair net and try a compression cap that looks a lot like a silk sock. Also can wear a wig when, do not buckle back adjustment buckle.  

Kameymall also provides various human hair wigs for almost all types of cosplaying use. You can go to our website to fetch the best ones for you.

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