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What Can We Use Air Tracks To Do?

Jul, 28, 2022

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Today, I would like to introduce you to a new product, where practicality and versatility are the highlights. Let's take a look.

air track
What is the air track

The picture shows a mat with a blue border and a grey surface. It's called the air track and is like a bouncy floor that you can use for gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, tricks and all kinds of jumps and flips. In fact, the air track is actually an inflatable gymnastics mat, but it has many advantages over a traditional gymnastics mat. For example, it is more colourful. It is also more versatile and convenient than a traditional gymnastics mat because it is inflatable. Today we are going to introduce the functions of the air track.

What we can do with the air track

Firstly, with the air track you can safely train jumps and flips without having to worry about landing too hard. the air track provides bounce, giving you more air and strength for your jumps. You can adjust the bounce of the mat by varying the pressure. At maximum pressure the air track will feel hard, reducing the pressure will make it more flexible and softer. You can find the right amount of pressure by testing different types of pressure levels.
Also, the air track softens the landing, so you can be sure that if the trick doesn't go as planned, you can avoid major injuries. Please note that the air track is not designed to be used as a landing mat, so please do not attempt to jump from a height onto the mat.
Furthermore, the air track and tumbling mat are excellent and safe training mats for gymnasts and cheerleaders. With the AirTrack you can also practice tricks, jumps and stunts at home or outside. With the AirTrack Nordic training mat you can assemble it exactly the way you want it to be set up and start training whenever and wherever you want! In addition, the air track is also a great training mat for parkour and stunt training. With this mat you can practice new tricks safely without the risk of injury. Because the mat is easy to carry, you can also take it outside and train wherever you like. Also, these air tracks are suitable for martial arts training. You can safely perform controlled tumbles and falls.


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