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Home news Product When You Meet The Traditional Air Track Mat
10ft air tumble track from Kameymall

When You Meet The Traditional Air Track Mat

Jun, 28, 2022

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Whether you're looking to buy for your home or workplace, there are two different types of rolling air track pads on the market today. The two product options vary in price, size and materials, one is inflatable and the other is a steel frame trampoline which is a plus and minus for buyers. In this guide, we take a deep dive into both product options to help you decide if an inflatable or traditional rolling air track pad is right for you!

Which is better inflatable or traditional

Both types of mats have their advantages, but it all depends on how much you value portability. Due to its inflatable nature, the air track mat is more travel friendly as it can be deflated and packed in minutes. On the other hand, traditional tracks require assembly and disassembly, which means they take longer to install/remove. If mobility is important to you, definitely consider purchasing an air mattress.

Are inflatable toys easy to use
If you've been shopping around for a commercial trampoline mattress lately, you've probably noticed that the inflatable version is more affordable than the solid frame version. For example, an air mattress can cost half as much as a traditional steel mattress. So it's no surprise that many budget-conscious buyers ignore frame products entirely. But just because an option is cheaper doesn't necessarily mean it's better. There are some big differences between these two product types, so read on to find out how they stack up!

What should I be looking for
Both tumbling air track pads are designed to improve balance, coordination and motor skills. The main difference is that the inflatable track pads require a pump to inflate, whereas the traditional option is designed with a sturdy steel frame. Although inflatable products have shorter inflation times, they are generally more expensive than traditional products. Which option is right for you? continue reading!

Steel Frame Air Track
The life of inflatable toys
While inflatables are known for their convenience, they are also known for their limited lifespan. One of the great advantages of traditional tumbling air track pads compared to inflatable pads is their long lifespan. Most kids are outgrown before they need a replacement, which means most customers need to buy a new one in a relatively short period of time, and often for a lot of money. On the other hand, traditional rolling air track pads from Kameymall can often withstand years of heavy wear and still continue to be used.

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