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What Shoes Are So Practical And Stylish?

Aug, 04, 2022

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When it comes to protective equipment, the first things that come to mind are safety helmets, safety belts and gloves, while safety shoes and protective boots, which are used to protect workers' feet, are often overlooked. In fact, because workers are using tools, operating machines and carrying materials, their feet are usually at the lowest part of their working posture and can come into contact with bulky, hard and angular objects at any time, which can cause them to be smashed, poked or squeezed; on the other hand, if their feet do not stand firmly, their bodies will lose their balance, destroying the normal working posture and possibly causing accidents.

safety shoes

Introducing a pair of safety shoes

In this way, safety equipment for the protection of the feet is particularly important. By choosing the right protective footwear, which is specially made to suit the working conditions, it is possible to prevent foot injuries from occurring. Protective footwear plays an important role in safe production. Today I am going to introduce you to a pair of safety shoes from Kameymall which function mainly to prevent your feet from being punctured, so we will call these puncture-proof safety shoes.

This pair of black puncture resistant safety shoes in the picture has great protection without losing its style. What's more, they're a pair of mesh shoes, which means you won't feel hot even when wearing them in the summer heat.

Introduction to puncture resistant safety shoes

Puncture resistant safety shoes are a type of protective footwear worn in the production workshops of hardware stamping, electroplating chemical, machinery and equipment manufacturing, printing and packaging, and steel shipbuilding and in areas affected by the hazards of the harsh external environment. It is a type of protective footwear.

The sole has a steel plate to prevent sharp and hard objects such as nails from piercing the sole of the shoe and stabbing the bottom of the foot! That's why they are called puncture-resistant safety shoes.

How much puncture resistance can safety shoes achieve? Simply put, the national standard requires puncture resistance to be achieved. Puncture resistant steel plate, puncture resistant test, can not be non-metallic puncture resistant pad (Kevlar midsole plate), puncture resistant test, the force used, test nail tip can not penetrate, that is, qualified.


There are many types of safety footwear available. If you want to buy such safety shoes, you can come to Kameymall. if you think the price of such special shoes must be high, you are wrong. Come in and have a look, the shoes are cheap. Whether it is men's safety shoes or safety shoes for women, they are all available here.



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