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Home news Solving Difficulties If Your Air Track Leaks (Part 2)
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If Your Air Track Leaks (Part 2)

Aug, 02, 2022

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In the picture, this is a relatively long air track, measuring 8 metres long, 1 metre wide and 0.2 metres thick. The blue surface and the grey border are really beautiful together. I should be very distressed if a mat like this breaks down.

So, I'm here today to follow up on my last post and continue to show you how to repair a leaking or broken air track, hopefully it will help you.

air track mat

Step 3: Choose your repair type

ATF Repair Kit Tear - Aid Type B - Vinyl Repair Gear Aid - Sealant + Adhesive. When it comes to the repair of an inflatable air track, you do have two possible solutions: patches or liquid sealant. Both involve a "glue" in a sense and both work best in different situations. Liquid sealants can be in poured or sprayed form. Poured sealants are better for larger holes, but in the case of inflatable mat repairs, you are better off sticking with a patch in these cases. On the other hand, spray sealants for inflatable mats can often be used to plug small holes.

For larger holes, a patch is required. The inflatable patch kit consists of two parts: the adhesive and the patch itself. airHead is the commercial grade adhesive recommended by our team. Your patch should be of a material comparable to that of your inflatable. You can find heavy duty vinyl patches at many hardware shops and online retailers.

You will need to choose which one to use depending on the holes in your air track. For tiny holes, Flex Seal Spray may do the trick. For medium sized holes, Flex Tape can be used as an all-in-one patching tool. However, for best results we recommend using AirHead adhesive and vinyl patches.


Step 4: Correct sizing and customising your inflatable patch kit

When using an inflatable patch, it is important to make sure that your patch will cover the entire hole you are trying to repair. You don't want to make it too big as this will require you to use more adhesive. If necessary, cut your patch to the ideal size, leaving a few inches on each side of the hole to allow the adhesive to stick. If the adhesive in the kit seems unsatisfactory, switch to a commercial grade adhesive like AirHead.


Do you want to learn the next steps? If you do, stay tuned with us. We are Kameymall, a business that sells high quality reliable air track.

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