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Air Track Can Be Spliced For More Space

Jan, 07, 2022

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Air track is one of the most prominent products used by some sports professionals like karate fighters, tumblers, and cheerleaders. In the market, it comes in different sizes, thicknesses, and colors to cater to your needs. It is imperative to practice in an environment that is unlikely to harm the above-mentioned sportsmen. An air track is basically an air mat, rectangular is a shape of specific thickness.

Its composition includes substances like PVC, rail tape, and a double rail that impart some specific favorable properties to the Air track.

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It comes with a few features that make it more awesome to work on. Here are the few features added in it.


1- Can be moved around easily:

Air track has to carry handles that allow you to transport or move it from one place to another with great ease. Sometimes, you have to go to a friend’s house for practice, then you have to move it from one place to another. Similarly, if you want to change its direction, arraying handles can help you do this.


2- Dual valves:

This is the most useful feature of the air track that is directly linked to its functioning. Basically, it helps to regulate air pressure in the mat. If the Weight acting in the air track changes or fluctuates, you can regulate the air pressure according to your requirements.

3- Can be spliced for more space:
This feature can literally assist you to expand the area or room of the air track. If you have your friends showing interest in practicing on the air track, you can increase the area by adding more mats alongside the main mat of the track. Usually, the air track comes in the size varying from 90-100cm which may not be ample sometimes.


It is widely used and loved by the people who play karate fighting, or do tumbling or complex exercises. Its core function is to avoid high-impact injuries. People of professional, as well as novice class, use it regularly.

You can visit Kameymall to choose the best Air track for you to hone your skills and achieve perfection. They have a vast collection to cater to your needs.

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