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mini air track block for gymnastics

Yes! We Need Mulberry!

Jul, 19, 2022

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The mulberry season is now in full swing, but what are the nutritional benefits of mulberries and what are the contraindications when consuming them, do you know?

The nutrition and role of mulberry

Mulberry is rich in nutrition, containing a variety of amino acids, vitamins and organic acids, carotene and other nutrients. Modern medical research has proven that mulberries have the ability to enhance immunity, prevent hardening of the human arteries and bones and joints, and promote metabolism and other effects.

Rutinoside, anthocyanin, glucose, fructose, malic acid, calcium, inorganic salts, carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin D and niacin contained in mulberry have nutritional and immune enhancing effects, and can prevent the spread of tumour cells and avoid cancer.

Yes after you read this benefits for mulberry, you will be so surprised that so great the mulberry are!Actually in our lives, there are not only mulberry, but also the black (which is similar color with mulberry) air  track has so many advantages.

The black air track mat
When people exercise, they need to use suitable air track when they don’t have the correct places. While this black air track mat from Kameymall which has four kinds of sizes you can pick: 10ft x 3.3ft x 4in 3mx1mx0.1m, 13ft x 3.3ft x 4in 4mx1mx0.1m, 16ft x 3.3ft x 4in 5mx1mx0.1m, 20ft x 3.3ft x 4in 6mx1mx0.1m. This black mat not only has this function, but its color is a healing.

What’s more you should know different sizes have different prices. And this black air track mat is a symbol is a symbol of prosperity and life, as it represents the cloudy weather and the onset of the rainy season. And the picture on this mat is a black sunflower, the specific guidelines help you practice with precision. The slogan is “Jump To Fly” which full of energy and even users are lazy to continue to practice maybe they can still stick to it. In short, this black mat is another symbol for “black technology”.

Best Way And Air Track
So if you are also fond of this “mulberry”, come to Kameymall and have a try.

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