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Human Hair Wig News Express

Jun, 13, 2022

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Black, gray, red, yellow, long, short, straight, curly...It is hard to walk down the street in an African country and not be attracted by the various hairstyles of the girls. An inquiry just know, originally what they wear is mostly imported from China wig!

Environment decides Africans wig demand

Due to climate and physiological reasons, the hair of African descent is generally dry, a little longer will be rolled or fall off, it is difficult to take care of, often need to go to the hair salon to do modeling.  Beauty conscious African women are willing to splash out on their hair, but instead of going to the salon for a long time, they are now opting for a convenient, versatile human hair wigs.



Nessity for African females to wear wigs

Many African girls have been wearing wigs since childhood. Many people think that going out without a wig is like going out without makeup. Also, buying a wig or two can save you months of spending at the salon.


China is the world's leading wig manufacturer and exporter, with about 80 percent of wigs produced in the world made in China. Statistics from Chinese customs show that China's exports of hair products have remained above $3 billion in recent years. North America and Africa are the top two export destinations of China's wig products, accounting for about 75% of the total export of China's hair products, among which North America accounts for 38% and Africa for 37%.


North Ameriacan market

North America is the world's largest market for hair products, mainly due to the large number of African Americans and their strong spending power. In particular, in the past two years, Chinese wig products have gradually become popular among African Americans with the help of cross-border e-commerce platforms. Africa is the world's second largest market for hair products.  With the improvement of local living standards and the popularity of the Internet and e-commerce, the potential of the African hair products market is being unleashed and is expected to surpass the North American market. Find more news about wigs on Kameymall if you need.

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