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The New Field From Air Track Mat

Mar, 08, 2022

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The utility model belongs to the field of sporting goods, in particular to the air track mat to sports.

Air Track Mat Cheap
Background technique

As people pay more attention to physical health, among the current fitness products, gymnastics mats have been widely used in gyms, home fitness and physical education places. Most of the current gymnastics mats have a cuboid structure.
The elasticity of the gymnastics pad is generally filled with sponge or inflated at present. Among them, the air track mat has a wide range of applications due to its convenient storage. However, the inflatable holes of the existing air track mats are only sealed with caps, and the air tightness is not good, and when athletes exercise on the gymnastics pads, the pressure inside the air track mats will be different.

Technical implementation elements
The purpose of the utility model is to provide a air track mats for inflatable sports with good air tightness, long-term use and convenient use. In order to realize the above-mentioned technical purpose, the technical scheme that the utility model adopts is as follows.
An air track mats for sports, comprising a gymnastics pad body, the gymnastics pad body has a rectangular structure. The air track mats body is made of double-layer PVC sandwiched with mesh fabric through sewing and heat sealing, and the gymnastics pad body is An inflatable hole which is opened on the side of the inflatable hole, and a valve is fixed on the inflatable hole.
The valve includes a valve body and a cap connected to the valve body. The valve body includes a cylindrical valve tube, and the valve nozzle pipe is provided with a through hole along its height. The valve includes a baffle plate fixed on the lower part of the side wall of the through hole, a blocking structure located above the baffle plate, and an upper surface of the baffle plate.

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