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An Interesting Bikini News

Apr, 02, 2022

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This is the hottest bikinis for women style for summer 2018. Launched in 2013 with the help of supermodels and fashion magazines, Kiini's Bohemian yet sophisticated bikini has taken the fashion world by storm and spawned countless imitators. As bold as his products are, founder Ipek Irgit has sued Victoria's Secret, Neiman Marcus and other well-known brands, accusing them of infringement and unfair competition. She also flatly declared that every consumer should think of Kiini, her brand, when they think of the crochet bungee bikini.

How the event went on

The Business Section of The Times, "The Itsy-Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie, Very Litigious Bikini," explores The story of The Bikini and The pain controversy it sparked. Itsy-bitsy and teenie-weenie in the title have similar meanings, meaning "tiny or tiny." According to the Oxford Dictionaries, itsy-bitsy originated in the 1930s, with Itsy being the pronunciation of "little" by an inarticulate baby, and Bitsy being a combination of bit. Teenie-weenie can also be written teeny-weeny, which is a variation of tiny and wee. As extensions of baby talk and colloquialisms used informally, itsy-bitsy and teenie-weenie are cute expressions with a "cute" connotation.

Itsy-bitsy and teenie-Weenie are commonly used to describe bikinis. In 1960, American singer Brian Hyland released the single "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini." A story about a shy girl who wears a tiny polka-dot bikini on the beach but doesn't want everyone to see it. The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart that year and led to a surge in bikini sales, part of the acceptance of the bikini in what was then a very conservative society. The Times also used the term to describe a retro mini ATV.

Frilly Bikini Top
The end of the event
Although Ipek Irgit claims ownership of the crochet bikini, back in 1988 Brazilian street artist Maria Solange Ferrarini began selling her own hand-made bikinis on the beach -- the same triangular breast cushion, the same elastic band, the same crochet needle -- except that, Ferrarini's bikinis cost a few dollars, while Kiini's cost $295. As more and more people have questioned Kiini's originality and more and more INTELLECTUAL property lawyers have expressed interest in the case, Ipek Irgit's side still seems unimpressed and Ferrarini's side has launched verbal attacks. Beneath the tiny bikini, an undercurrent is bubbling. Now, if you want to know more bikini news and leading sales information, you can visit Kameymall for details.

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