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Pick Great Air Track Mat For Summer-Part1

Jun, 15, 2022

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Today I am going to share some information about the mat.

An air track mat is also called a gymnastic mat.

The Air Track Factory


In terms of elasticity, think about it, the main purpose of using gym mats is to protect the body from excessive extrusion when it is in contact with the ground, otherwise, it is easy to damage the joints. The importance of elasticity must be greater than thickness! And the elasticity of the thicker gym mat is not necessarily better. Many gym mats are made thick and soft. It is difficult to maintain balance when doing yoga on it, and it is easy to squat and fall.

Gymnastic mat made of TPE material has the lightest smell among all gym mats at all prices, almost no odor, the mat does not slip, and it is elastic. , Rinse it with water and dry it, it will be clean, and it is easy to take care of. The thickness is only 6mm, which is relatively soft and thin, but with strong resilience, even if you do yoga on it, you will feel very comfortable. It is also very useful when going out, and the mesh bag is ready to go. The price is cheap, the weight is light, and the performance is very balanced. If a beginner is just getting started and doesn't know if he can stick to it, it is best to choose this one.

However, one of the biggest concerns I've heard is that gym mats can become too slippery after washing! Gymnastics mats lose their stickiness over time and wear. The best remedy I've found is to use baby powder or baking soda to help absorb oil, and water and eliminate slippage. Lightly dust the mat with baby powder or baking soda and wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Sometimes some of the powder stays in the grooves of the pads, that's okay, it makes the clean scent last longer and also helps me stick to the pads. If you don't like excess powder, just shake the pad in an open area.

There are also non-slip and non-slip. The design of gymnastics mats is generally non-slip because it is often necessary to exert force. Better anti-slip can bring more beautiful posture for most people, but in fact, the anti-slip effect is not good. It is suitable for practice because once the anti-slip effect is good, the force of the human body will change accordingly, changing the way of force originally required by the body position.

A good gym mat should have a good appearance, stand up to tempering, and become a soul mate in yoga practice. Deep relaxation through yoga and sound meditation. Yoga is the science of deep relaxation that boosts immune and digestive function and promotes better sleep patterns. It can also help release old habits you may want to change, such as worry, fatigue, and stress. Realign your mind and body with this activity that includes sound meditation.


Where to buy it

You can go to Kameymall to buy it.

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