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How To Make Pretty Bikini Photographs

Jun, 27, 2022

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There are a lot of sexy bikini styles, but I already tanned in California, and Japanese cutie is not in my league. Here are the most common styles of Instagram bloggers.  

Bikini photo or selfie types  

This kind of photos of bikini swimsuits sefies can be roughly divided into two types: the first type is city type, with Miami and Bangkok as representatives of atmospheric wind, and Chiang Mai and Ubud as representatives of small fresh wind. Most of these places are famous tourist cities with artificial infinity pools, unique architecture, beautiful cafes, and sunshade chairs on the beach. The style of photographing in these places is relaxed and luxurious.  


The second is the wild type, represented by the big Island of Hawaii, which contains many wild survival programs.  Islands with reefs, jungles, a tree four times your width, this kind of place is about blending in with nature. Japanese small fresh and hippie are very suitable, Bohemian style is born for this kind of place. In fact, there is no difference between the two styles when it comes to taking photos. It's all about sitting, standing and lying down to make you look thinner. It just helps you pack your bags and decide what clothes to take. City style photos have a kind of rich and leisure sophistication, in addition to bikinis, small dresses and accessories.  The wild type is more playful and relaxed, and doesn't require much in the way of accessories, but make sure to bring a straw hat and sunglasses wherever you go.  


Here are some common shooting scenes  

Houseboat: travel of a lot of places rents houseboat not expensive now, but the inherent impression that because our country tender model takes photos to cause on houseboat, think of houseboat and bikini, everybody feels very evil vulgar. One of the most iconic bloggers on Instagram is Aimee Song, tai Hong, who doesn't need much introduction. Simple shirt and white shorts, nude sandals are the most refreshing look. The bikini is worn underneath and shows no affectation.  The following posture is particularly thin.  

Beaches: You can live without nice hotels and yachts, but beaches are impossible. I never met a girl who didn't want to take a nice picture of herself at the beach.  My favorite blogger, Natalie, has a younger, more playful style mix than Aimee. She has tons of bikini pics to draw from.  However, since she doesn't have any breasts, her photos are all about her personality and not being weighed down by big breasts. (I don't have big breasts either, which is an easy lesson to learn, but if you have big breasts, you can quit now without looking down.)  

This one, for example, was taken at dusk, and the light is very soft. The top bikini, by Seafolly, an Australian brand under Gigi Hadia, which Gigi also wore in her campaign, is a cut-shouldered bikini that resembles a Sport bra and will make you look healthy and lively. By the way, if you want to purchase beautiful bikinis, you are recommended to go to Kameymall for sales informaiton.

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