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choosing hot inflatable air track properly

Pick The Really Great Air Track Mat

Jun, 30, 2022

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Let us learn something about doing exercise.

A Gymnastics mat is also called an air track mat.

airtrack pool gymnastics mat

(1) The use of secondary materials of PVC for foam remanufacturing, its cost is reduced.

(2) jerry-built or mixed with other added materials to reduce the amount of PVC material used, thus reducing costs. This mat is often weight and conventional different, adding more foam will taste heavy, the mat performance is too light, too heavy will affect the use of gymnastics mats to choose suitable for carrying, the tendency of the material used to make the mat is to light weight.

(3) to PVC foam material indoor non-slip mats or low-grade camping mats posing as gymnastics mats, such mats are often not very uniform in specifications. Of course, selling low-priced PVC foam gymnastics mats are not necessarily inferior, it is possible that the merchant's purchase channels are different, saving the cost of intermediate links, so that the price of the mat down, or the business in order to open the market, increase sales and take the concessionary sales activities. So pick PVC foam mats friends to prevent the above-mentioned those 3 cases of substandard fake products.
The selection of gymnastics mat should pay attention to the following points: the length should not be shorter than the height, and the width should not be narrower than the shoulder width.

Thickness in 6mm or so, too thin mat in the joint contact with the ground will feel pain, too thick and will affect the stability of the standing action. (Generally speaking, beginners choose the 7MM gymnastics mat is more moderate)

The uniformity of the gymnastics mat. The gymnastics mat is laid flat, observe the uniformity of its foam, if the foam is not uniform mat surface, in the use of the process is easy to produce damage. If the foam raised part is broken, it can not be repaired.

Light and heavy moderate. Because the gymnastics mat in many cases we need to carry with us, so try not to choose too heavy mat to carry with you.

On the non-slip mat surface, the mat is laid flat to the palm of your hand to press the mat hard and then push forward, if the mat slides on the ground or your hand slides on the mat surface, it means that the mat is not very good non-slip. It is possible to produce unnecessary injuries in the practice process, such mats should be used with caution.


You can go to Kameymall to buy some mats!

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