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better gymnastics air track for you

Comfortable Air Track Mat Online-Part3

Jun, 25, 2022

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If you want to stay healthy, keep reading this article.

A gymnastic mat is also called an air track mat. Divide a lot of gymnastics content into several groups according to their commonalities, which is called gymnastics classification.

At present, there are many classification methods for gymnastics. According to the purpose and task of gymnastics practice, gymnastics are divided into four categories, namely basic gymnastics, competitive gymnastics, group gymnastics, and practical gymnastics. Basic gymnastics is gymnastics aimed at enhancing physical fitness, improving health, promoting all-around development of the body, and improving the working ability of the human body; competitive gymnastics includes competitive gymnastics, skill sports, and rhythmic gymnastics. It has a competitive nature and is based on comprehensive physical training. , mastering superb sports skills, gymnastics with the direct purpose of finally obtaining excellent results; group gymnastics, is a mass gymnastics performance project, through large, medium, and small group gymnastics performances, sings a certain theme and promotes sports for the purpose of Gymnastics; practical gymnastics, including production exercises, competitive practical gymnastics, military practical gymnastics, occupational practical gymnastics, and medical practical gymnastics, which are gymnastics for the purpose of improving production efficiency and achieving various specific practical effects through specialized physical training.

physics air track lab

Gymnastics mat

Sponge pads can be used as sponge bags, gymnastics pads, judo pads, pads, and fitness pads, product features a smooth surface and uniform hardness. Reasonable structure, strong integrity, sturdy and durable, and greatly extended service life. Never deformed, overcome PE Such products have the characteristics of long-term use, sinking, flanging, and deformation. The back adopts a special anti-skid treatment, which has strong adhesion to the ground and excellent anti-skid performance. Product function and evaluation: flame retardant compression sponge, suitable for sports equipment-related industries, with good tensile force, High sealing, good elasticity, never deformed, non-toxic, tasteless, and so on. Hand mat, gymnastics mat with uniform color, the elastic material is a high-elastic sponge, which is conducive to the performance of difficult movements, anti-static treatment, comfortable foot feel, good strength, fast response, smooth seams, the venue is spliced ​​by multiple veneers It consists of a reinforced composite board, an elastic layer made of rubber material under the veneer, a comfortable protective layer on it, a flexible layer of high-density polyethylene sponge, and a special carpet for gymnastics on it.

So, buy a gym mat together to keep fit.


Where to buy it

You can go to Kameymall to buy it.

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