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Air Track Question Summary

Jul, 02, 2022

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There are various types of air track mats on sale on the Internet. Before you purchase one, you should totally know something about the knowledge of air tracks in case you meet difficulties operating them or damage them.

Suggestions for multiple mats using

If you would like to extend your air track mat, all of our gym air mats can be used in combination with other gymnast MATS of the same height. Some MATS also have Velcro on the sides and can be put together so you get a wider track so you can work out with friends. The side Velcro also fits a springboard or sprinkled on top of the air rail pad so you can take off from higher heights or practice momentum.

Rhythmic gymnastics equipment
If you are looking for equipment for balance training or rhythmic gymnastics, our training beams are perfect. This beam can be placed on a folding mat or our gym mat. This makes it possible to practice balancing on cartwheels, handstands or handstands. For beginners who want to learn back-and-forth handflips, it may be advantageous to purchase an air cylinder as it helps the gymnast in the course of the roll, thus ensuring the safety of the new roll training. This can be used on top of the air track mat to get more bounce, or simply for plain mat or lawn tumbling or gymnastics.air track mat

Should I buy an electric or manual pump for my air track?
We provide manual pump and electric pump for fitness air cushion. In short, the longer the Airtrack pad, the longer it takes to pump. So it might be too difficult to pump up a tall, long inflatable gym mat with a hand pump, so we recommend using an electric pump. But, for example, if you want to take your air track roll mat to the park or beach, it might be smart with a manual pump, so you don't have to think about whether you have power or not. Therefore, the choice between electric and manual pumps should depend on the length of the air track pad and where you want to use it.
You should now have a better understanding of the Airtrack mat. If you have any further questions, please contact our Kameymall support staff or check out our products.

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