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Home news Product Practice In PE Class With Mini Air Track Mats (Part 2)
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Practice In PE Class With Mini Air Track Mats (Part 2)

Jun, 14, 2022

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With the ever increasing availability of sports equipment, physical education classes are becoming more and more enriched, especially in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, combining fun and practicality at the same time, bringing joy to the children as well as exercising their physical fitness and collaborative spirit. Of all the sports equipment available, the gymnastic mat is undoubtedly one of the most practical devices, as it can be used both as a teaching aid in the classroom and to keep students safe.

The air track is beginning to be seen by teachers and students alike, as it is more flexible, easier to store, more aesthetically pleasing and can be customised in size and pattern. Many schools have their air tumble track emblazoned with their school logo, name and motto. Also, they can be used as a lifebelt in the swimming pool and even allow you to do yoga in the water. Well, let's move on to the use of mini air tracks in the classroom.

air track mat
Classroom instruction

Fold 2 gymnastic mats upside down to form a triangle and set up a long pole in the middle crease to teach leapfrogging. 4 to 6 groups can be arranged depending on the number of students.
Alternatively, the height can be adjusted to suit the age, fitness level and mastery of the students, allowing more students to choose their own height for the exercise. For example, using a small mat with two ears to set up the bar is suitable for beginners, the obese and those with inflexible movements. The height of the bar can be adjusted by the angle of the opening to suit most students. The height is increased by placing a gymnastic mat underneath, which is suitable for challenging exercises when students become proficient.
This design is simple to use and makes it easy for the teacher to observe the students' practice, while increasing the density of practice and catering for every student, reducing the risk.

Lifting the ball faster than fast

Purpose of the exercise: To exercise students' balance and collaboration skills.
Exercise rules: Relay using flat support.
Exercise rules: If the ball comes off the mat and lands on the ground, it is a mistake and you need to put the ball back on from the mistake and continue.
Suggestions: Fold the mat to stabilise the ball as much as possible and keep it from rolling; increase the difficulty by increasing the number of balls.

Over the barrier challenge

Place small gymnastic mats and long poles in straight lines in groups of 4 to 6 and use them as running equipment over obstacles to improve the stride and rhythm of the students and to stimulate their enthusiasm for the challenge. On the basis of using the above combination, organise students to crawl forward to exercise their coordination qualities and crawling ability.

In fact, this mat can be used not only at school, but also at home the air track allows children to play games and exercise together. You can come and have a look at Kameymall.

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