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The Origin And Definition Of Safety Shoes

Nov, 27, 2021

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Before the 20th century, it was much cheaper to replace an employed worker than to implement safety measures. With the rise of the Industrial Revolution came a massive influx of workers and companies that depended on these new measures to complete daily functions successfully. It also introduced workers’ unions and safety requirements we still have today. Due to these safety standards, workers in construction, transportation, manufacturing and even food and retail are required to wear a pair of safety shoes every day to reduce injuries and keep safe.

Next, we will introduce the origin of the safety shoes, their quality standards and why they are necessary for workers.


Origin of safety shoes

If you know about the reasons why safety shoes for women are required in some specific work environments, you may be curious about the origins of the their concept. The first protective shoe that employed workers wore were called “Sabots”. These had a simple, hollowed-out wooden shoe design that kept French and British farmers’ feet safe from falling objects.This was a common shoes option until the Industrial Revolution when workers started throwing Sabots into machinery to stop production during protests.

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Why safety shoes are necessary for workers?
When it comes to work injuries, foot injuries may not be high on your list of worries, but they are one of the most common work injuries. At least 60,000 foot injuries lead to missed workdays every year. The cost of this to companies can reach over several hundred million dollars. When you require workers to wear comfortable safety shoes that reach quality standards, this means you will save more costs. In addition, wearing these shoes will reduce the risk of injury to workers , and they will keep comfortable even if they stand for a long time during the day.


What qualifies as safety shoes?
The modern safety shoes for women and men were designed with only a safety toe. These were historically steel, but eventually included Aluminum Alloy, Composite Materials, and Carbon Fiber toe shoes. These composite toe vs steel toe shoes were examined and tested to follow standards set in place by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


Choose a pair of suitable safety shoes
So whether you’re looking to replace your current style or looking for purchase your first ever pair. Be sure to check relevant information online before purchasing. With so many styles out there the key is to narrow down what you really want from your shoes. Don’t be afraid to do your research and help you make a right decision. There are a number of styles of safety shoes on Kameymall for you to choose from, happy shopping!

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