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sexy bikini is excellent clothing invention

Sexy Bikini Stands For The Best Clothing Invention

Mar, 03, 2022

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The sexy bikini has been regarded as one of the best excellent clothing invention around the world, However, with the complicated context, the development of the sexy bikini is not an easy task just like a walk in the park or a sheer fanfare.

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The origin of the sexy bikini

The sexy bikini, originally, refers to a name of place and resort, more specific, it was the name of an uninhabited island near the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean. In 1946, President Truman approved a nuclear test on Bikini Island. On June 30, an atomic bomb with unprecedented military was detonated on this island, shocking the whole world. On July 18 of the same year, Frenchman Louis Reard launched a swimsuit consisting of 3 pieces of cloth and 4 straps in Paris. This world's smallest body-covering swimsuit is simple and compact,which soon got many people’s attention. If you wear it, most part of your body will be naked and exposed under the sun. In Europe, at that time, women had to wear tightly wrapped swimsuits to swim which will be helpful for them to reduce the obstacles of buoyancy. Nevertheless, the invention and advancement of this kind of sexy swimsuit is a challenge to the traditional concept and philosophy, and also a shock to the whole world. With time goes by, people’s stereotypical mentality has been improved and this swimsuit is named after the "bikini" where the atomic bomb exploded in that island.

Sexy bikini for sport competition
As people's ideas changed, female's sexy bikini is becoming more and more tolerant. In the late 19th century, female’s swimwear has been improved, but the law still stipulated that the knees and neck must be completely wrapped. In 1907, the Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman appeared on a Boston beach wearing a skirt-free swimsuit of her own design, but she was arrested for attire for the sake of indecency. It was not until 1912, when female swimming officially came into force to the Olympic games, that situation changed.

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