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Home news Product Tips How To Inflate The Air Track Outdoors?
air track mat for outdoor activities

How To Inflate The Air Track Outdoors?

Aug, 03, 2022

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If it's winter, you'll love being outdoors because it's great to feel the warmth of the sun on a cold day. Even if it's summer, many people enjoy doing something enjoyable outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon. If you like to do sports outdoors, today I have a great tool for you, the air track.



The air track in the outdoors


If you follow our articles or our website, you will already be familiar with the air track, so we will just briefly introduce it today. Do you see where the blonde lady is standing in the picture? It is actually an inflatable gymnastic mat, but because of this feature it is easy to carry.


Outside, you can do exercises on this mat, including yoga or martial arts or even taekwondo. You can also take it on trips so that you can rest on the soft mat. You can even do exercises on the water. But many readers are concerned about the question, how do you charge the air track outdoors?



The air mat hand pump


In fact, the most convenient way to recharge the air track is to use an electric inflatable pump, but if you are outdoors, you may not be able to find a power source, or you may be prone to accidents in wet conditions.


So, for smaller mats or when there is no electricity, such as when taking your air mattress to the park or beach, a hand pump is the best option. There are usually two types of hand pump, single-acting and double-acting. A single action hand pump pumps air into the mat when you press the pump. This is the most common type of pumping and if you've used a bike pump, you're probably used to it. Dual action pumps, pump air into the pad as you pull up and press down on the pump. This means they will inflate your pad quicker. If you don't have electricity to use an electric pump, especially for larger mats, this double action is your best option. The double acting pump switches to a normal single acting by opening a special valve cover on the pump. This is useful when pressure becomes too difficult in the "up" stroke and the user simply applies pressure in the down stroke like a normal pump.





If you want to make the most of your outdoor activities, I recommend coming to Kameymall and buying an air track, you will get a quality mat and inflatable pump.

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