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Choose Suitable Air Track

Jan, 05, 2022

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Air tracks are a kind of flexible mats that come with different thicknesses, colors, sizes, and even shapes. And they also may be deflated and folded up so that you can move and store them. Nowadays, they have already been traditionally used in gymnastics training, dance, parkour, and in many cases cheerleading.

You can carry out any skill readily and land on the surface lightly without worrying about getting hurt with the help of this inflated mat. If you are interested in this equipment, there are some common FAQs that can help you choose a suitable air track.

best air track

Are these mats safe for home use?

Yes, these mats are really ideal for home make use of because they are so portable that can be deflated for storage plus transportation. You may place the mat outside to practice at any time or flatten and fold up when it is definitely not in employ.


How do choose the suitable pressure?
You need to read the manual carefully and make sure just how much the proper pressure is before placing up it. Because the proper strain depends upon the particular users and weight plus the type of exercise.


Can I use my air track outside?
Can the air track be used outdoors? Of course, you can use your air track outdoors. Place the air track on the lawn/terrace after removing pebbles and other sharp objects. We recommend that you place an underlay under your mat, such as a blanket, felt, tarpaulin, etc.


How long is the lifespan?
The length of lifespan depends on the manufacturer still, the warranty provided by the manufacturer can extend the life of the air track for you. Most of them have warranties of a year while some of the best have warranties of 2 years or more. Generally, you will ask the question: how long does it take for the air track to have issues?


How much will an air track cost?
The price of these kinds of mats depends on their material, brand, size, etc in addition to usually ranging from $200 to $1, 000, many are also more than $1, 000. Buying the best air track means your budget will not be low.


Where to buy an air track?
Kameymall is a pioneer brand, which is committed to helping customers provide the best products and services. There are various types of air tracks available, which come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. We hope that you will get your favorite product.

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