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mini air track gymnastics from Kameymall

Air Track With Various Colors

Jul, 07, 2022

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When you want to buy an air track for someone, are you confused which color could be chose? Different colors have different meanings, for example, red means enthusiasm, excitement, booming, while orange means passion, frenzy, dynamic, and so on. You can choose the color of the air track according to the receiver's personality.

Colorful air track mats

If your receiver is outgoing, dignified, may be you can choose a yellow air track mat. Because yellow is brilliant and it has a sun-like glow. Yellow has the dignity of gold, symbolizing wealth and power, it is the color of pride.
Black air tracks mean darkness, solemnity, concealment, mystery, and it's a contrasting color to white. They has a feeling of making people feel dark, containing a sense of concentration and gravity when they are combined with other colors. It is used in the West for formal occasions.
Blue air tracks represents tranquility, freedom and freshness. Because Europe takes blue as a symbol of loyalty to the country, some uniforms of nurses are blue. In China, the clothing of the navies is blue. At the same time, blue also represents openness, stability and peace.

The specific information for air track mats
This kind of air track mats in the picture is called as “Tumble Mat Gymnastics Inflatable Air Track Multiple Colors Water Airtrack Inflatable Yoga Mat”, you can see the other pictures from Kameymall. There are four sizes as you can pick, 9.8FT X 3.3FT X 4IN 3mx1mx0.1m, 13.1FT X 3.3FT X 4IN 4mx1mx0.1m, 16.4FT X 3.3FT X 4IN 5mx1mx0.1m and19.7FT X 3.3FT X 4IN 6mx1mx0.1m. What’s more, it’s easy to use inflation and deflation within a minute. Stays inflated without the use of continuous blower feed, you could enjoy noise free training. This round air track mat guide lines in the surface could help you to practice with precision.

Receiver Personality Air Track
After knowing so many symbols of every color, have you think over which air tracks could be right. If you are still confused about other issues, how about coming Kameymall ? There are many kinds of excellent air tracks you can choose.

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