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How To Select The Right Swimsuit

Jan, 03, 2022

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With everyone's attention to sports and fitness, swimming has become a good helper for everyone to lose weight! Swimsuit will naturally become a standing item for swimmers. But everyone's figure is different. How to choose a suitable SWIMSUIT? Many consumers will have this question when purchasing swimsuits. Let's learn about the purchase of swimsuits with Kameymall!

High slit swimsuit

Suitable for people: people with strong legs or petite body shape
Features: people with too wide crotch should be careful. Petite people might as well choose a twill swimsuit in the pattern, which will visually make their legs appear longer and make their lines more beautiful.

Bikini swimwear
Suitable for people: people who are well proportioned as a whole and don't have too much fat in the abdomen, and short women can also try.
Features: sexy bikini will make you look more slender. Because there are more exposed parts, obese people avoid this style.

34d bikini
Pattern swimsuit
Suitable for people: thin people
Features: Slim eyebrows, because after the swimsuit cloth is worn and stretched, the flower pattern will have the effect of widening and expanding, and visually look plump; Women with flat breasts can also choose some swimsuits with pleats on the front chest. In terms of color, they can choose swimsuits with bright colors such as peach and yellow, which can make the lines more prominent; The slightly fat eyebrow, small pattern and plain swimsuit will be a more suitable choice.

Skirt swimsuit
Suitable for people: people who are dissatisfied with their hips
Features: if the buttocks are too plump, wear a short skirt swimsuit and an exaggerated pattern on the upper body, which can effectively cover the hypertrophic buttocks; If your hips are too thin, put on a skirt swimsuit and a small petticoat will make your hips look more beautiful.

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