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pink and white gymnastics air track

Get Pink And White Air Track Mat

Jul, 24, 2022

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If you like to do sports at home, then you must know about the product we are going to introduce today.


This product is the inflatable air track mat! Let's get to know the specific details.



air track mat is made of brushed air track mat material. Brushed air track mat material is a strategic new material product, with superior performance, and application areas are rich in imagination. Unlike the single-layer polyester base fabric used in inflatable yacht materials, canopy materials, and light box advertising materials, brushed air track mat material is a composite material with brushed base fabric as the reinforcing material, which is a three-dimensional space structure, retaining the characteristics of conventional inflatable air-tight materials, but also possessing good mechanical strength, cushioning function and strong impact absorption and other advantages.

Brushed air track mat material is mainly used in the manufacture of kayaks, air track mats, air track mats, and other outdoor water, indoor fitness scenarios of sporting goods, in addition, it is expected to be gradually applied in a wide range of fields such as medical health, protection, and rescue, national defense, and military, agricultural greening, such as medical mattresses, life-saving air track mat, spacer, etc., which can be expanded. The expandability is strong.


The use of an air track mat - practice backflip

The abdominal muscles, a row of intestinal muscles, and the toughness of the soleus muscles are important, as well as the flexibility of the whole body.

It is recommended to do more sit-ups, leg presses, palms, and feet on the ground to support the waist and other strengthening exercises every day.

And so to borrow hands on the ground can be very smooth to complete the backflip, and then find sports jumping mat practice backflip with front and back height difference, and finally smooth after trying to jump mat backflip of equal height.

This action is particularly dangerous, it is recommended that in the case of thick sponge mats, thick air track mats and other security measures are particularly good to do exercises. No full assurance does not show off the performance in the flat.


Specific style

If pink and white are your favorite colors, then be sure to check out this gymnastics mat. The clean color scheme can make you feel better instantly. Also offers 7 sizes for you to choose from Oh. 0.2m thickness can ensure your safety.


Where to buy

Go to Kameymall and buy an air track mat.


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