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Buy Helpful Air Tracks Mat

Jul, 06, 2022

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Let's start by affirming that a air track mat is not essential for yoga practice, although everyone practices yoga on a air track mat these days, including many students at Yoga House Business School. But this is more of a habit or a sense of ritual. In addition to the thickness, material, size, and brand, are also important factors to consider when selecting a air track mat.

Beginners pick air track mat, thickness to 6mm-8mm is appropriate, too thin for beginners, it is difficult to play a sufficient protective role, too thick pain is not pain, but the practice of asana will be very unstable, the need to use extra strength to control the balance, affecting the yoga movement. So 6-8mm is a more suitable thickness for beginners. Buy a helpful air track mat!

For beginners, choosing the thickness between 6-7mm air track mat is enough, if you feel uncomfortable, then you can choose a little thicker, but the thickest does not exceed 10mm, because yoga is a very important balance and stability of the movement, if the air track mat is too thick, it is difficult for the body to sense the ground, at the same time because of the thickness of the center of gravity will be unstable, it is difficult to maintain the stability of the movement and balance maintenance.

huge air track


We all know that the foundation of yoga asana is very important. If the mat is slippery, there is no way to stabilize the foundation. Asanas like Mountain Stand may not be very obvious, but yoga practitioners feel more obvious when they do asanas like Downward Facing Dog, War I, War II, and Triangle. You will focus more on keeping your feet from shifting and slipping; it is possible that you will desperately try to hold on with your toes to keep your feet from shifting; or the force will be afraid to root down, resulting in over-muscular or joint substitution. These are not what we want to see. So anti-slip is the first place.

This air track mat that I want to introduce to you today offers three sizes. They are 6x2x0.2m, 8x2x0.2m, 10x2x0.2m. You can choose according to your needs. The color is also the most classic blue. Hurry up and see if you like it. The original $749, now only $ 562. Hurry up and check it out.



You can go to Kameymall to buy some mats!

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