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The 5 Best Plus-Size Bras And Styles (Chapter 2)

Dec, 28, 2021

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In the previous article, we have learned about two bras for plus-size women, and today we will continue to take you to the remaining three styles, which you can buy these styles from Kameymall.


Elomi Sachi side support cage bra

Once again, Elomi absolutely nailed it with the black bombshell, flattering in all directions, and at the same time giving the illusion that you are all wearing a bra that hardly exists. Similar to the popular Matilda side support diving, Sachi uses those multi-part cups and power mesh flanks to shape your chest, but it does so on the transparent mesh and delicate shoulder straps, reminiscent of butterfly wings. Sachi is an idyllic intersection of sexiness, style, and support. This is a style that can really be called a sexy bikini.

one piece string bikini

Celeste wire-free bra
Of course, not every day (especially now) requires a high profile. Sometimes, all we want is comfort and tolerance. In those mornings, reach for Celeste: this bra is unlined and has no wires, but she also has seams and inelasticity, and the inner straps provide support.


Wonderwire front-close bra
If you haven't met Wonderwire yet, you should probably get in touch with this one, because I promise you will fall in love with it when you see it. To be honest, this bra is very suitable for matching curves, because it has curves, from wide shoulder straps to U-shaped back, the silhouette of the silhouette fits perfectly with the body. Colors, prints, and lace all make it a real pleasure. What you don't see, however, is what makes the wire so wonderful: it's tucked into a padded tunnel behind a comfortable padded bottom strap, so you can't feel it.

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